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Why Go Solar?

Aura Energy’s Solar Power Solutions empowers customers to choose affordable, reliable and customized solutions to power their homes, offices, factories, schools, hospitals etc. We enable customers to choose from a wide array of options according to your needs, such as: Off Grid Systems, Grid Tied Systems, Hybrid Systems. Our team of solar experts will help you reduce electricity bills, lower diesel costs, reduce your carbon footprint all based on your energy needs, space available and fiscal goals.
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How does it work?

Just how does sunshine become electricity? Here’s an overview of the components that are required to generate your own clean, affordable and reliable energy.
Solar Panels The Solar Panels are made up of Photovoltaic Cells (PV) that convert sunlight in to Direct Current (DC) electricity
Inverter The Solar Inverter (Grid Tied/Off Grid/Hybrid) converts the DC electricity generated by the Solar Panels in to Alternating Current (AC) electricity at 110V/220V.
Electrical Panel The AC electricity is sent from the inverter to the Electrical Panel that distributes the AC current to power your lights, appliances and other general loads using solar energy.
Utility Meter The utility meter provided by your local electricity company tracks your energy use. The Utility Meter typically goes forward when consuming electricity from the grid. However, with a Solar Power system installed, it is possible for it to go backwards when the Solar Power System generates more energy than you need immediately.
Grid Connection Your regular electricity connection provided by your local electricity connection still remains active. The power from this is used at night time or when your immediate power needs are greater than the capacity of the Solar Power System installed by you.
Batteries (Optional) Battery banks can be used to store some energy generated by the Solar Power System for use during power cuts. This option allows consumers that get a few hours of power cuts a day to get 24x7 electricity using solar energy.
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